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I cannot believe my luck!!!! I have an amazing announcement and it involved two of the most amazing entertainers in the city!!! Mark your calendars for Friday, November 29th!!! Perhaps you don't have plans, or perhaps you have a staff Christmas Party, either way, your night should end up at Hilltop Pub! The entertainment factor is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!
NOVEMBER 29, 2019 - The Bob Donaldson "Est. 1975 Tour" will be hitting the stage, with two amazing artists!!!!

At 9pm is the eclectic Benjamin N S Williams - this young man is way beyond his years! The host of Sherlock Homes (Bourbon Street) Pub open mic, this young man plays from Beach Boys to Frampton and more...he will take you by surprise. Then the amazing and interactive @James Beaudry from The James Beaudry Band will "fill up your senses" (John Denver says so...)....and then, Bob Donaldson Music will take on the world with Acoustic Music with a Twist...you never know what will happen at a Bob Donaldson show....
This will be an awesome night!!


UPDATE - Special Appearance by Winnipeg's own Stacey James!!!  This is going to be an awesome party!!!

There are 150 tickets available...thats it. Contact Bob Donaldson, James Beaudry or Benjamin N S Williams for your ticket in advance to secure your spot.

Tickets will also be available at the door (buying ahead of time will secure your spot).

This is going to be the party of the year kids!!!!
We will accept Cash, Interac Money Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (who uses Discover???). Message for bookings. Seriously, its going to be awesome!



Est. 1975 Tour - Nov. 29th - Rogers Place