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We are releasing Bob's first EP!  The first album "Second Chances" was recorded in 2000 as demos for songwriting.  This was recorded mostly acoustically and released to friends and family.


The second album "Here and Now (Demos and Other Things)" was a collection of demos from the first album and some more demos recorded by Bob.


Finally, for the first time, a fully produced EP is in the works.  This album will include new recordings!


The EP title is "Ineffable" which is defined as "Incapable of being described in words", 

Much has been completed already and we are just looking for a few more contributions to complete the recordings, get physical album manufactured and get the project distributed to the streaming sites.

The tracks that will be included on this album are:

- Taken (Spirit of a Child)

- You're Nothing

- C-D-O

- Your Eyes Say a Thousand Words

........and possibly one more...


The release date will be in March 2022!


We look forward to any contribution amount you can give.   

This type of crowdfunding is an all or nothing system, so if we don't raise the $2,000, then we raise zero.  Sooooo....please share to your network!

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